The CosyAI Suite

As a first step, we are building a suite of apps that empower people to use AI safely and responsibly.

Developers will be able to contribute their apps to the CosyAI Suite, provided they meet our common safety standards. Through the cooperative framework, we will set up a fair compensation scheme that enables contributors to earn a living, while balancing out potentially harmful incentives.

Here are the first three tools we are currently developing:


VibeCheck helps you reduce conflict and communicate better.

At home right in your favorite browser or messaging App, VibeCheck analyzes messages for tone and feeling, explaining how your message might come across, and offering generative suggestions to ensure you’re saying exactly what you mean.


We’re also working on an exciting new tool for communities and organizations called KnowledgeSeed, an app designed to make knowledge sharing and documentation fun, simple, and automatic.


This is a simple APP that allows you to use other AI Tools whilst making sure the AI doesn’t get any of your private data for targeting or manipulating you.