Shared Concerns Need Common Responses

AI technologies have the potential to amplify existing global power imbalances. But they also bring a potential to bring about real transformation towards a more just and equitable world.

More than any technology before, AI is prone to be controlled by just a few. Only a few big tech companies possess the capital, data, and compute power to develop top end AI technology. Only a few governments are in the position to regulate these companies, and even they struggle to do so.

Moreover, the same few big tech companies can use their enormous capital advantage to hire the best experts in the field and raise salary levels for machine learning experts and data scientists to extreme heights.

Never mind the talk, it is implausible to expect those in control of this power advantage to give it up by themselves.

This is why all those who share a sincere commitment to use AI for building a more just and equitable world need to cooperate.

If we manage to pool our resources, capacities, and knowledge together, we have a real chance to shift the power imbalance.

A Cosy Approach

With CosyAI, we invite everyone who shares these concerns to join forces and create a common framework for AI that benefits all by design, not just by promises.

We want to achieve this by taking a cooperative approach, based on our common human strength to engage in cooperation based on trust, human connections, and community values (Cosy actually stands for Cooperating sincerely).

For this purpose, we will create a multi-stakeholder cooperative at EU level (SCE), with open global membership to people and commons-oriented organizations from all around the world. It will allow us to decide on common standards and ensure common ownership.

As part of the next steps, we will create further local cooperatives in different regions to strengthen global inclusiveness and make sure that ownership and decision making processes are locally adaptive.

Open to All

Any real human being will be able to join the cooperative and get support for the healthy use of AI.

In order to enable everyone who wants to heal and strengthen their cooperative human nature, CosyAI is accompanied by the Cosyland project.

Please get in touch if you want to keep updated or join building CosyAI .

Complementing Public Regulation

We have already seen with the challenge of climate change, how our public institutions have failed for decades to create and enforce the necessary global regulation. Regulating AI in a responsible way is another urgent global challenge that requires balanced and well-conceived global responses.

It would be naive and irresponsible to rely on a hope that our public institutions possess the technical knowledge and decision-making mechanisms to act quickly and decisively enough.

We are, however, committed to work with public institutions in meaningful and constructive ways to encourage and support the development of balanced and effective regulatory frameworks for AI – in particular, by contributing a perspective of cooperating sincerely.

Building an AI Safe Space

Finally, many of us share wider concerns that the developments in AI could overtake us as societies and expose us to inflating fake information, manipulation, job loss, and other potential risks that we’re not adequately prepared for.

This is why we aim in the long run to create an AI Safe Space for humans who want to co-exist with AI safely, without giving AI-systems control over us.

The goal is to enable everyone, as a private person or an organization, to take a conscious choice about the extend to which we engage with advanced AI, and to be able to opt out safely, if we choose so.

It’s time to start making it happen – stay updated or sign up.