Become a Coalition Partner

We’re now building up a coalition of first partners. Check out the current list of partners here.

Together, we will prepare a crowdfunding campaign to build up starting capital and compensate partners for their contribution to make CosyAI happen.

If the campaign is successful:

  • We will create a cooperative at EU level (SCE).
  • We will use this framework for deciding about the common budget and our common criteria for safe AI tools, as well as coordinating further activities.
  • The minimum amount of the campaign will be used to develop the apps offered in the campaign and for providing the required starting capital of the coop (30.000 Euro).
  • Any amount on top of this will be transferred to the coop and managed through its processes.
  • Ownership of the apps (CosyAI Suite) will be transferred to the coop.

As a Coalition Partner:

  • Your logo & link will be listed on this website and the campaign page.
  • No further strings attached.
  • You have the option to actively co-shape the process and the details of the coop (bylaws etc.).
  • You have the option to join the coop as a founding member or after it is registered.
  • You can potentially become an implementation partner/consultant and get parts of the budget assigned to you accordingly.

Until the Coop is formally created:

  • Decisions will be taken on an informal, meritocratic basis – the more you help making it happen, the more you can decide.
  • Lead partner is Berlin-based Platform21 who is in charge of implementing the first steps. 
  • Oversight partners are and Platform Cooperatives Germany to make sure that the process is followed up transparently.

How do you want to get involved?

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