A Cosy Basic Income

AI will replace jobs, but it will also generate economic value.

We’re building the CosyAI cooperative to help making sure that this value will benefit us all.

This graph summarizes how the Cosy Basic Income will work:

In more detail:

The CosyAI Cooperative will offer the CosyAI Suite of safe AI-based apps to individual users for flatrate subscriptions.

It will also offer specific LLMs and safe data pooling services to cooperatives and commons oriented organizations.

Members of the cooperative can take over contracts to develop apps and provide services.

Any surplus the CosyAI cooperative makes from its products and services will be distributed according to a simple process:

  • 50% of the profits will go into the Cosy Basic Income pool
  • 25% of the profits will go proportionally to holders of CosyAI Contributor Token
  • 25% of the profits will be used to develop the general CosyAI project as determined by the CosyAI members.

Who will receive the Cosy Basic Income?

The Cosy Basic Income will be issued by the CosyAI Cooperative in cooperation with Cosyland NPO. In general, the Cosy Basic Income* will be offered to:

  1. People who are committed to work on themselves and their capacity for cooperating sincerely.
  2. People who help others to work on themselves.
  3. Artists who participate in the Art for Basic Income project.

*Note that the Cosy Basic Income therefore is not a universal basic income, since it does have clear criteria for eligibility. But it is generally open to all humans worldwide who join one of the three groups. Every human can only receive one Cosy Basic Income. The detailed selection mechanism will be determined by the CosyAI Coop and the Cosyland NPO.

The CosyAI Contributor Token (CCT)

The CosyAI Contributor Token CCT will be issued to members of cooperative who help with the promotion and value generation of CosyAI. The exact design of the CCT will be determined as part of the creation process of the CosyAI Cooperative.

Until the Cooperative is formally registered, active helpers can track their contribution times through our internal form, which will be converted into CCT once the token are issued.

Sign up here as an active helper.